Discovery Flights

Discovery Flights provide an opportunity to enjoy the amazing experience of floating quietly above the beautiful Indiana countryside in a modern sailplane.

If you’ve ever watched a hawk gliding effortlessly in the sky and wondered what that experience must be like then now is the time to try a Discovery Flight.

You will be accompanied by an FAA certificated commercial glider pilot who is dedicated to making it a fun and memorable flight.

Flight Details

The Discovery Flight is a great value at $139, and makes an amazing gift!

  • A briefing of what to expect and opportunity to ask any questions along with an explanation of safety procedures and what the various instruments show.
  • A tow to 3000 feet above the ground and a flight of approximately 30 minutes
  • An opportunity for photos and to answer any additional questions
  • Restrictions: Height must be under 6’2” and maximum weight less than 242 lbs.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Pre register using the PayPal link below, and then come to the airport on a Saturday or Sunday between 10:00 am and 3:00 PM from May through October. Reservations are not necessary. Check in with the Crew Chief on the flight line when you arrive.
* We accept personal checks, cash, and major credit cards via PayPal

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